Rugby players perform on stage at a festival that increases children’s access to the arts in the midst of the rising expense of living


Students in Rugby are performing for a festival that will increase thousands of kids’ access to the arts.

The Coram Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival will feature performers from Brooke School and Avon Valley School.The 2022–23 Festival is greater than ever and will, for the first time, span two academic terms. It will provide audiences around the nation with the chance to witness imaginative, contemporary interpretations of Shakespeare, in which young actors explore the full range of life’s emotions, from murderous kings to star-crossed lovers. Francesca Ellis, Head of Creative and Programs at CSSF, stated:

“At a time when many families are finding it difficult to afford access to enlightening cultural experiences, the Theatre Festival offers an inclusive creative experience for young people as the deprivation gap in arts participation widens amid the cost-of-living crisis. The artistic possibilities offered via schools can change the lives of youngsters from underprivileged homes who may lack the “cultural capital” that their more affluent counterparts experience.

Jan Ravens, an actor and CSSF supporter, stated: “The project’s effects will go well beyond today. They improve as they go as problem solvers, thinkers, and team members. Shakespeare and live performances have the power to boost young people’s self-esteem, fortitude, and ambition. And I am aware that children now more than ever need these things.

CSSF thinks that regardless of family income, every kid should have access to the arts.

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