I’m here for these Y2K beauty trends to return


Although I am aware that trends come and go, I never gave much thought to the possibility of trends from my youth resurfacing in my 20s and 30s. Don’t worry, though. The Y2K beauty trends that are currently popular are an upgraded version of the patterns that millennials wore during their adolescent and prepubescent years. The trends have a fresh spin; they appear cooler and more expertly incorporated with new trends; they are also significantly more wearable. For instance, we can join in on the Euphoria feeling of thick, full brows with dewy, natural skin and Y2K frosted lids. It involves bringing a Y2K detail into the present.

The intricacy of Y2K beauty trends is their best feature.can look with ease. They add a playful element to an overall look, whether through makeup or hair, possibly because we were so much more in touch with our younger selves when we first noticed these trends. Ky Wilson, a BaByliss ambassador and the creator of The Social, concurred when I spoke with him. “I appreciate the intricacy of Y2K hairstyles. The jewelry, such as butterfly clips and beads,” he stated. It all comes down to perfecting one tiny attention to detail, making it your own, and owning it. But ultimately, it depends on the individual. It’s an opportunity to express oneself, but mostly it’s just for pleasure. We like it since it’s a little bit cheeky.

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