Relationship Issues: 5 Indices You’re Losing Love


Have you ever had the reluctant sense that the person you’re dating no longer has your whole attention?

Maybe when you first met or during the first few weeks or months of the relationship, you were head over heals, but now you have a strange feeling about things. The relationship no longer has the same intensity of passion or affection. Even though you can feel guilty for feeling this way, it’s actually rather common to experience these kinds of emotions.

While reigniting a relationship’s flame might sometimes work, some issues are simply too serious to save the couple. These are the top indicators that you’re losing interest in someone.

You No Longer Feel Attracted to Your Spouse

Your lack of attraction to your lover is one of the early indicators that you’re losing interest in them.

As attraction is so important in human relationships, if you stop experiencing it physically, your relationship may suffer in other ways.

You both have time alone

No relationship can succeed if they are together constantly, but you should be spending more time together than you are apart. Over time, creating memories and sharing experiences with your spouse can help your relationship grow closer.

Spending a lot of time apart could indicate that you are simply going in different ways, which is good.You Get Annoyed or Agitated Easily

Do you find yourself easily annoyed at your partner for not much of anything?

This may be a sign that you’re falling out of love with your partner because usually, in strong relationships, each person is patient and doesn’t have a short temper when it comes to their partner.

There’s a Lack of Respect

Your relationship may have been sweet and respectful in the beginning, but if you’re noticing a new lack of respect (from either one or both parties!), it may be time to call it Splitsville.

Your partner should always make you feel important and respected, and vice versa, and if that boundary is broken, your relationship doesn’t have much else to stand on.

You’re Attracted to Other People

Have you started noticing the attractiveness of other people, even though you know it would hurt your partner’s feelings?

If you want to be with other people or even have the urge to cheat, it’s definitely time to break up. Don’t waste your own time, and don’t waste theirs!

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