Never Continue Eating in Dim lights! It Reduces Appetite


It is always believed to have food before noon. As well as early as possible in the evening for better digestion. Food and digestion are related to each other as based on it the health of a person depends. As only a person takes their food before they go to bed or any app digestion can take place easily and provide better health. Eating in dark, dim lights, or late in the evening time reduces appetite.

Candlelight dinners can be romantic and affectionate. But it is suitable for a day in a month. Eating in dim light or dark areas can not help in improving the appetite nor help in proper digestion.

There is a strange connection between the alertness of the human mind and food intake in light or darkness. It is believed that in dark areas a person takes higher calories compared to a person sitting in a sufficiently lighted area.

Dim lights reduce appetite as eat high calorie

People may find restaurants beautified with dim lights. But due to the low intensity of light, the mind is always alert. This awareness or alertness does not allow the brain to calculate the proper amount of food or calorie required. This in turn leads to ordering the maximum food that a person intakes in less lighted or dimly lighted areas.

Therefore according to recent studies on the difference between having the maximum calories comparing the lighted and areas. It was found that about 39% higher calories were taken by the dimly lighted area people.

Dim romantic lighting can make food taste worse: study

But how calmness is related to reduced lights?

People lose their appetite or reduce their appetite while they are eating in less-lighted areas. But it is also for calmness and reducing of stress people prefer to spend hours in dim lights. Sitting in less light areas enables you to reduce stress and anxiety. At the same time, soft background music helps elevate a person’s happy mood.

This is one of the strategies for people to elevate their mood and spent a good time. It is sufficient to entertain and satisfy the mind of a person.

Often, people, want to enjoy their time by eating delicious food. But when the mind is diverted towards the beautiful background music that already develops a happy mind and shows less interest in eating excess calories. People like to celebrate by eating and drinking. But when the atmosphere is satisfactory to give a sense of celebration it enables control over the appetite. It is one of the reasons that dim light helps to reduce appetite.

Such treats can be given once a week. But it should not be continued regularly as it can affect the health as well as the digestion system. Eating maximum calories or reducing the calories without calculation is not healthy for the human body. In dim light eating maximum will reduce appetite for upcoming days as the mind becomes more alert than at normal times.

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