What does ChatGPT know about Washington, D.C.? Not a lot


D.C., a city of history and strength, is located at the center of our country.

Are you unimpressed with that poem? Please absolve us. ChatGPT was the author of that.

Current Situation: According to Erica Pandey, Dan Primack, and Ina Fried of Axios, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, is shattering the internet with immediate responses that are significantly more sophisticated than any prior AI tool.

The service’s seemingly limitless options range from answering straightforward questions to crafting lengthy essays in response to any topic you can think of. It is now free.

The big picture: Newsrooms have published AI-generated pieces using ChatGPT, and realtors have used it to produce property listings. ChatGPT even passed an MBA exam administered by a professor at the Wharton School.

Universities and significant school districts across the nation have already.

When asked about the best places to visit in D.C., it coughed up sites on the National Mall and the cherry blossoms. Boring.

It did know that you should stand right, and walk left on Metro escalators.

For favorite restaurants, it recommended The Dabney—ranked by Washingtonian as the best local restaurant in 2023 — but also, curiously, Bad Saint, which closed last year.

👋 Chelsea here. When I asked the chatbot more questions, I realized that I could certainly beat it in bar trivia.

For example, when asked what’s on D.C. license plates, it responded with the city’s motto “Justice for All.” Wrong.

And this haiku about Dave Thomas Circle (RIP) could not be further from the truth…

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