Beliefs: Real or imagined?


What we perceive to be true is the framework upon which we construct the lives we life. The picture we hold, which in turn determines our attitude toward life and relationships, is greatly influenced by our beliefs. Our culture, both the large culture of the world into which we are born and the tiny culture of our family and neighborhood, is tied by the beliefs we hold. Are these opinions true? Fear and anxiety are frequently brought on by doubting beliefs. Our observations, experiences, and level of internal awareness all have a major role in how frequently we challenge and evaluate those ideas.

For example, at one point a belief that the world was flat was the basis of experiment and understanding. Only through research might the idea be permanently refuted. The result was a transformation in how people experienced and lived life. The erroneous belief was shown to be just that—an illusion.

Our beliefs are affected by what we see (matter) and know since we live in a world of matter (matter). The vast majority of people think that they are both matter and that they live a world of matter. A lot of people think they are just a body. Western medicine separates the body into its component sections and treats each one separately.

Whereas Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, look at the whole body as a system of interactions that have a rhythm, and they observe the waves and webs of interactions. Quantum physics looks at the micro reality, observing that matter is in constant flux and does not remain static at all, which means that even the cells of our bodies are not the same as a few moments ago. Matter is ever changing and the interaction between matter and consciousness is worth studying.

In eastern philosophy, for a reality to be classified as truth, it needs to be always and forever true. Therefore, to understand what reality is, we need to position ourselves in eternity. When we talk of eternity we enter the realms of the spirit, the world of spiritual understanding. We are beings of peace, love and blisswhovibrate light and power. This spiritual understanding, ebbs and flows. Sometimes we are aware of this, that is we are ‘awake’, and sometimes we are not. However, during the times we are not, it does not mean that this reality is non-existent. Meditation is an awareness awakening exercise, itenables us to experience the reality of eternity and of the self. The more we are aware, the more these experiences become the subtle scaffolding of the relationship we have with the self, nature,

and life itself.

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