Introduction To Famous Girard-Perregaux Watches in Haute Horlogerie


In terms of how iconic its contributions to Haute Horlogerie are, Girard-Perregaux has been something of a magnate. Without a doubt, the brand will live on in the minds of future generations. We may learn to appreciate the heritage and culture that the household name has provided to the globe by examining how it has developed since making its first forays into the field.

When questioned about watchmaking icons, a seasoned enthusiast and horologist might explain the history of Girard-Perregaux. When questioned about the upper end of the industry, not many instances come to mind. Let’s examine some of Girard-collections Perregaux’s and see why they are so well-known.

The 1966 watch has been around for a while, and it has always been promoted to the fashion industry as a typical dress watch. Girard Perregaux had the good fortune to be one of the few businesses with a committed research and development team in the early 1960s. This was in part because their products quickly became successful and profitable.

The first high-frequency movement was introduced in 1966 and won nearly a third of the chronometer certificates at the Neuchatel Observatory in 1967 as a result of its remarkable accuracy and precision. The 1966 collection honors this turning point and will always be cherished in their history.

The 1966 features an automatic movement and the brand’ signature slim, svelte casingThe revolutionary Cat’s Eye was created in 2004. Its innovative nature won multiple awards, such as the “ Watch of The Year,” proving that even slender and feminine designs can become iconic when applied to complicated watches. The Cat’s Eye collection has since increased in number and variation.

The Cat’s Eye line of watches is known to have a bolder and more prominent design than the 1966 collection despite having simpler mechanisms. Retrograde day to second configurations and even power reserves are present despite being a rare phenomenon in ladies’ watches. The dial’s work is quite stunning as well, having fine text on the dial that adds symmetry to the wind.

Most enthusiasts would say that it is quite refreshing to see a watchmaker of this status pay so much attention and careful direction to the female market instead of the more popular men’s watches. The intricacy and ingenuity packed into this women’s timepiece are second to none.

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