Someone ghosted you? Love yourself and put yourself first


I’ve got a ghost.

No, not a dead person’s spirit or soul that can appear to the living. My friend’s ghost is still very much present. But a few years back, they made the decision to sever our personal connection by abruptly and mysteriously ceasing all contact.

Ironically, my now-ghost’s final words to me were, “Stay in touch.” I made multiple attempts, but I got no response.

I posed the following query in my final direct message: “Are the channels of communication open or should I give up trying?” More stillness and the phrase “seen,” which was social media’s automated way of telling me I had been ghosted, were my responses.

My final sensation was “seen.” I felt

ignored and rejected. I had an overwhelming sense of someone passing very unexpectedly, leaving me with so many unanswered questions: How did they disappear? Are they fine? Do they have a crisis right now? Should I make contact once more? what went wrong with me? Is this actually taking place? Do I remember this individual well? Why did they leave me behind? Was I offensive to them? Why is this feeling so awful? Am I insane?

I was on an emotional rollercoaster that made me doubt everything, including my value as a person.

Ghosting is viewed as an emotional abuse tactic by certain mental health specialists. Others assert that people choose stonewalling because they lack the communication skills necessary to have an honest dialogue and that it’s more innocent than that.

There may be valid explanations for ghosting. I don’t intend to demonize, defend, or psychoanalyze ghosts in any way. In the case that you’ve been ghosted, I’m here to share what I’ve learnt from my experience in the hopes that it will be useful to you.

In the end, it’s important that you accept and love yourself, regardless of how other people behave. Here is more information about my experience and the measures I took to accomplish that.I gave my pal a lot of love. I was devastated when they made the decision to go. I had already suffered interpersonal loss, such as breakups with love partners and family member deaths. Even though this wasn’t those situations, I thought about how I dealt with the suffering of those other experiences in an effort to deal with this one. It failed.

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