Rare Wolf Hybrid Overcomes Medical And Legal Challenges To Find His Permanent Home


There are too many abandoned pets out there, and too few people capable of bringing them home. The struggle is already real for ordinary cats and dogs, and even more so for pets with unusual breeds and circumstances.

This is certainly the case for four-year-old Zeus, a wolf hybrid in Middleton, Rhode Island, who was set up for adoption at the start of the year.

According to the Potter League for Animals in Middleton, Zeus is a wolf hybrid and maybe one-third wolf, one-third Husky, and one-third German Shepherd.

The shelter is waiting for DNA results to confirm, but the previous owner and the breeder attested to the dog’s wolf connection.

The animal organization’s Kara Montalbano shared, “He was surrendered to us on December 22 by his former owner who clearly loved him dearly, but whose personal circumstances changed, and he could no longer care for Zeus.

His former owner informed us that Zeus came from a breeder that breeds hybrids and he was told and believed he was a mix of German shepherd, husky, and wolf.”

In the US, it is illegal to keep pure wolves as pets and they are protected under endangered wildlife species regulations. Wolf dogs or hybrids, however, are defined by the Federal Animal Welfare Act as domestic animals under the same regulations as other breeds.

But each state has its own policy on animals. Unfortunately, it is illegal to own a wolf hybrid in Rhode Island and surrounding states, which made it difficult to find a forever home for Zeus.

He can be legally owned in nearby states though, such as Vermont and New Jersey. The shelter was also willing to rehome Zeus in states that are farther away if wolf hybrids can be privately owned there.

In addition to the legal matter, Zeus also has a medical condition that makes him prone to seizures, which is managed by medication. Sanctuary placement would not be appropriate for this wolf hybrid because he has been an indoor dog most of his life, and has lived with other dogs and cats.

On January 5, the Potter League for Animals shared an appeal to help find a new home for Zeus in a state where it was legal for him to be owned as a pet.

The post on their Facebook page stated that “Zeus is about as fine a canine specimen as you could possibly imagine. He is wonderfully magical to watch as he walks.

His movements are mesmerizing, and he looks like he just walked out of a scene from Twilight (yes, we just went there). He is incredibly affectionate and silly, and loves to be pet, snuggled, and loved on.”

Thankfully, the shelter soon had fantastic news – Zeus had been adopted and would be moving to Vermont. New owner, Ron Monroe said, “As soon as I saw him in person my heart melted. He is such a sweet boy.”

Montalbano shared how the two met and said, “Zeus is great! He is affectionate, smart, gentle. He can be a bit anxious and really enjoys constant companionship. However, he is large at over 100lbs and can easily scale a 6 foot fence and has, so we knew a home that could enrich and exercise him physically and mentally would be essential to his overall well-being.”

“Ron drove down on Saturday, met Zeus, spent some time with him, and as they say, the rest is history. It was a great match and we were absolutely thrilled,” Montalbano added.

Monroe was thrilled to bring home Zeus, and said, “He loves to snuggle at night to sleep and loves playing outdoors in the snow.” Though the wolf hybrid had anxiety issues and needed love and attention, Monroe said that overall, Zeus was a fantastic pet.

“The part-wolf aspect is amazing. People are drawn to him because of his looks and he is very friendly to everyone. In the long run he is going to thrive and be loved by all,” he said.

Now settled in his new home, the Potter League for Animals was happy to share Zeus’ good fortune.

The hybrid is a welcome addition to the Monroe household.

Their Facebook post stated, “Thank you to everyone who shared Zeus far and wide! We are truly humbled and moved by the support and the love everyone showed Zeus the last few weeks. And we promise once the DNA comes back, we will let you all know the results.”

This unique and loveable wolf hybrid is finally in his happily-ever-after home. Watch joyful send off of Zeus below:

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