Fans of Kylie Jenner claim that she overdid cosmetic surgery for the Coperni photo


At a recent photo shoot for the French fashion label Coperni, Kylie Jenner was alleged to have “overdone” cosmetic surgery.

Since her reported “eyebrows feud” with singer and actress Selena Gomez, the 25-year-old fashion mogul has been under fire.

After being accused of “mocking” the Only Murders In The Building actress, who had released a TikTok video joke about having “accidently laminated [her] brows too much,” Kylie lost roughly a million Instagram followers last month.

Selena captioned the video in which she debuted her new appearance with a social media filter and cosmetics modeled after Bella Hadid by expressing how she wishes she appeared “as gorgeous” as the supermodel.She uttered: “My name is Bella Hadid, and in a subsequent video, I stated: “Instead, this is me. I over-laminated my brows.”

Three hours after Selena’s video went live, Kylie posted a picture of herself and friend Hailey Bieber on her Instagram Story, displaying a close-up of their eyebrows.

Some admirers are still hurt by the criticism because the mother of two participated in a photo shoot for Coperni, which published four shots of Kylie “backstage” on the Instagram account of the French fashion house.

In two of the photographs, she is dressed in a fluffy white dress that was paired with black tights and silver shoes to complement her natural camera movement.Kylie added a shaggy black and white overcoat for the other two snaps as she looked seductively into the lense.

Despite looking stunning in the shots, fans took to an online forum where they were adamant she has had more surgery particularly on her jaw and lips.

According to The Sun, one person wrote: “What in the filter-plastic surgery is going on here?”

Another commented: “Either filler or implants in that jaw?”, while a third added: “”Always overdoing it.”

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