5 Things That Are Illegal Outside the US But Legal Here


The world has put a restriction on a few products while The US is still using a few of the products in their daily life. Despite of the flaws and disadvantageous effects, it is present in different ways.

1. BHA and BHT Preservatives

The uses of BHA and BHT preservatives are seen mostly in cosmetics and lipsticks. But as preservatives in food have been leading to increasing health issues. In many food products, the preservatives are seen to raise the spread of cancer, as per studies and research.

The increases in the carcinogenic results are due to the presence of preservatives in packaged foods. But as America depends mostly on packaged foods it is difficult to remove them from the country. While on other hand, the BHA and BHT preservatives are banded in 160 countries.

2. Color Artificial Dyes

Artificial color dyes are rare or almost not seen in any parts of the world. It is only in the USA that the color artificial dyes are seen in various uses. Banning it in other parts of the world is due to the presence of harmful compositions.

Apart from Norway and Austria the color dyes are banned in many other countries to avoid the increase in health problems.

3. Chlorinated Chicken

The use of chlorinated chicken is entirely banned in different parts of the world. The damage to health is already seen in the studies is harmful. Chlorinated chicken is treated with the chicken to avoid any spread of diseases.

The consumption of chicken is not a problem but the presence of excessive bacteria is a sign of a lack of hygienic conditions. In poultries, the maintenance may not have been in good condition due to which the treatment with chlorine is essential. It is the reason such treated chicken has been banned not only in the UK but in more than 100 countries.

image credit : pixabay

4. Tobacco

The use of Tobacco has been the reason for diseases and death causes. It is when different countries such as Norway, Scotland, Bhutan, Lithuania, the British Virgin Islands, Italy, and Sweden are some that have banned it. But it is still legal in US.

5. Plastics

The use of plastics is also an essential part of the daily life of Americans. They have still not been able to ban it from the country. It damages mankind and the natural surroundings have made it illegal in different parts of the world.

Apart from it, there are many food items that are legal in US but it is not allowed in various parts of the world.

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