5 Quick Ways to Reduce Gas in the Stomach


One of the most frequent and uncomfortable conditions we experience is gastritis. We really don’t care at all about the symptoms of gastritis, such as farting, burping, and belching. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you experienced it frequently. After eating, if your stomach feels tight and bloated frequently, your stomach may be filled with too much gas. Your meal is largely to blame for this predicament.

Air that we swallow is one of the most common ways that gas enters your digestive system. While we are eating or drinking we swallow air. A simple action like chewing a chewing gum causes a big flow of air into our digestive system. It’s normal when burping comes out while we drink fizzy drinks. It’s not good to control it & just let it go out. If not, this gas won’t go out of the body.

Having a stressful day? It also might be a cause for gas in the stomach. Sitting in one place for hours also might be a cause for it because the gas won’t flow through your body. Don’t be afraid. You can cut gas in the stomach in a few steps. Try the following steps that we suggest.

1. Change your meal plan:  Avoiding food may cause gastritis. It is not necessary for you to avoid food. Your meals are a must. As per doctors’ prescriptions and researches three meals per day are a must. So, if you need to diet, then you should change the way you eat and the amount of food that you consume.

2.  Use herbs: As per research, it is found that there are many types of herbs that can cut the gastritis effect. One of the best medicines that cure is fennel seeds. It will help you to relax muscles and help the gas to pass out. Fennel seeds are chewed directly. Apart from the fennel seeds, you can consume peppermint and chamomile as well.

3.  Take a probiotic: Out of the supplements that have an effect on gastritis, a probiotic supplement makes a good effect. These supplements will help you to balance the bacteria in your gut and then it will cut the symptoms of gastritis.

4. Chewing your food properly: Take your time and bite your food properly. Chewing your food into tiny pieces will help you to digest them easily. Before swallowing, chew your food properly as instructed.

5. Take activated charcoal: Activated charcoal will help you to release your excess gas and help you to bloat. This is for human consumption. So, you should try activated charcoal.

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